John Shearer 3mtr Pasture Drill
John Shearer 3mtr Pasture Drill
John Shearer 3mtr Pasture Drill
John Shearer 3mtr Pasture Drill

John Shearer Seeder 3.4mtr Pasture Drill


John Shearer have brought together all of our experience as a leading seed drill manufacturer to create a new drill purpose-built for renovating pastures. 3.4m Sowing widths 22 Run on 6" spacings
The innovative drill does away with traditional chains and sprockets in favour of our new electronic drive system. With the new technology, maintenance needs are notably reduced and calibration of seed and fertilizer rates is much easier than ever before. Control is achieved wirelessly via a tablet, allowing operation from the tractor seat or next to the machine.
Sensors are fitted to the seed and fertilizer shafts as well as the hopper so that the machine can be monitored in greater detail. If the drill stops sowing or the hopper runs low the operator is immediately alerted on the tablet.
The drill has a three calibration cups for collecting seed and fertilizer. Electronic scales are also fitted as a standard feature. During rate calibration, the control tablet can be removed from the tractor and operated from any position within wireless range of the drill, making one-man calibration a breeze.
The whole machine has been built for strength with particular attention paid to ensuring the axles and axle arms will stand up to regular transport.
Other features of the drill include frame clearance to maximize trash flow and hopper size to sow more hectares between refills. One of the popular models, with a sowing width of 3.4m (10’10”) on 127mm spacing, has a combined hopper capacity of, 872 litres, 395 litres for seed and 477 litres for fertilizer.
To enable the operator to sow close to obstacles such as fence lines and irrigation bays, the wheels are set fully within the frame. The sowing width of each drill model is therefore able to make the most of its transport width.

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